Saturday, February 04, 2006


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Here's the finished sampler postcard for the 6 x 4 lives (actually I think this is 4 x 6 VBG), added the red for a bit of a lift and I like the effect. The stitching is straight , the photo isn't :) Tried a couple of variations with the number of threads and think on this scale I prefer the single strand,I guess it is largely down to what fabric you are stitching on. Useful exercise tho, discovered holbine stitch is neater than backstitch, and that I like both the very geometric rows link the celtic feel chain 3rd down and the pictoral ones like the leaves (2) and the 'floral' or 'acorns' (6 + 9).

Decided I will assemble these postcards nto a long strip sampler but make them so they can fold up concertina style too.

Looking forward to february's one now - just need to wait and see what preoccupies me this month

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