Thursday, February 16, 2006


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And here's another one - really MUST get some time for me soon - I want to sew! ISBNs for those who might be interested - this Anchor one - 0-7153-1929-9 and for the Lesley Wilkins one 0-85532-937-8.

You will notice - oh observant one, that this is also greenwork, redwork and bluework. I don't really like it in multi colour, i confess but apparently it is historically acurate *opens eyes wide in surprise* and we can use any colours we like. But I still like black best! *sets forehead in stubbern furrow* Blackwork was known in Henry the V111s England as Spanish work after his spanish wife Catherine of Aragon, who liked it especially (good woman). However after her divorce from Henry (blah!) it became known as blackwork, as all things spanish fell from favour.

All of this is conected to my secret - can anyone work out what it is? I am busting to share, can you tell? VBG


Chloe said...


No - need more clues.

That carnation/gillyflower top right looks nice. :)

belle said...

Hand up, waving madly, pick me, I know the answer :)
Lovely books, but when are we going to see some more of the wonderful art you create from then, I'd like to know :)

Sharon said...

Will you stop putting these books up!!!! You know I work in a bookshop and hmmm my resistance is futile ( to borrow a well known Trekky saying!!!!!)