Sunday, February 26, 2006

CQ blues :(

I am taking part in the joggles class Encrusted Crazy Quilting with Sharon Boggon and I am just not seeing any 'paths' round my block. I have been looking at it so long now I am seeing little people going for a walk on it but they are all walking on the grass - not a path in sight!
I printed out a copy of my block to see if that made things easier and so I could start a plan for the embellishment. I haven't done many blocks before - infact other than the ALL That Jazz block I have only done my part in a RR - and I have never designed anything on paper before starting to sew apart from the mind map I did for All That Jazz and the work I sketched for my Bags of Fun Bag.

Before I came to CQ I was a cross stitcher who followed other people's patterns to the letter and boy, am I struggling today. I have no design or art training, I am not a visual thinker, and I am stuck in "I can't" mode :( Feeling very sorry for myself and very inadequate.

Printing out a picture didn't help. When I look at it my eyes don't have a 'path' around the block they dart all over it and stop at the deadends where one seam is intersected by another. So, I am off to read the lesson AGAIN and to draw scribbles on my pictures and then I shall give up and get my threads out and choose some colours and start sewing ... randomly... as I usually do and see what happens. Or maybe I will just go to bed.


Sharon said...

Perhaps J - go back to the beginning... Think about your block in terms of what prompted you to make it the way you did... I sometimes think we try too hard -that is we lose focus on what we are trying to achieve...Me? I am a rank beginner here - from having only a partial block to embellish(M's Block) I now have a WHOLE block to play with!!!! Crikey what am I going to do??? I went into a bit of 'I can't do' this... Then I looked at my block and forgot for the moment about 'paths' and started to think about a theme of sorts... That has helped me immensely... It has also helped me get over the hurdle...

Sharon said...

PS - I thought your block had lovely clean uncluttered lines... I really liked its construction... But then what would I know - but I do know what I like!!!!!

Maureen said...

You don't have to find a path:
Make your own!
Using your printed pic try sketching in a line that meanders down (or across)through several patches.You could even lay a thread or fine ribbon which you can easily adjust until you get a pleasing line.
Once you've settled on a flowing "path" decide HOW you want to represent that path.
Good luck!

Calidore said...

You're not the only one who couldn't find a path, so I have decided to ignore that part and just do what I want. I photocopied my block to, in colour and black and white to see if that would help. Not a chance!! The only thing I do each time I start to embroider a block is to carry colour from one side to the other, to give a sense of balance. I have no idea if it is right, but worth a try anyway. I like Maureen's idea of using a thread to make a path. Might have to try that.

who was having trouble even choosing what colours to embroider with. :-(

abeautifulcraft said...

Thanks ladies, I feel normal now, not finding a path in mine either, i made so many blocks and then gave up trying to find one with a path! LOL .... I think your block is so nice and I look forwards to seeing how you embellish.

Chloe said...

Yep - can't find any in mine either, but it isn't stopping me. My rule of thumb is to always do teh seams and think what next after that. So the lesson order sits quite well.

Pick oyur favourite colour, favourite thread, favourite needle, and go for it! And favourite stitch. Then think how to make it more interesting after that. :)

Judith said...

Hi Jacqi, you sound just like me, your block looks good to me and as Sharon says, you are a natural, you just can't see it. What the other ladies have said is great to. Think I will print a copy of mine to.
New Zealand