Wednesday, February 22, 2006

jaywalker2 again

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here's the photo for a better idea of the true colour. Enjoyed the second sock as i had the pattern in my head but it was much better than the first and i feel I should knit the first one again really to make them a proper pair! However, as they are for me to keep and not to enter into a competition or for critical scrutiny they are near enough and near enough is (all together now) ... good enough! S Hope they don't shrink the first time I wash them as they only just fit! This fact does save them from DD's cluthes - she tried to nick them as they came off the needle but as she has a high instep (like her dear old Dad) she couldn't get them on, hehehehe, they're mine mine mine. She has put her order in tho' so my next pair will be purple stripey socks :)

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