Sunday, February 12, 2006


Originally uploaded by Jam_mam.

One down one to go - can't knit well with a cold I discovered! Lost the ability to count and the 4 ply plain yarn is not as unforgiving as the self patterning opal, however, pleased to get it finished and to be back in the world of the blogging :) on to the next one now - hopefully with less frogging and fewer mistakes (mostly on the other side but don't look too closely at this one either :) this pair are for me so it wont matter that they are a little wonky - makes them unique!


belle said...

Wow! great colour! We'll be able to see you coming a mile away :)

Glad you're feeling a bit better, and well enough to knit - always a good sign.

And good to have you back at the blogging too :)

blueadt said...

Your sock looks fantastic. I also had trouble with my first one & did lots of frogging. I'm now about to do the heel flap on the second but have become distracted by a crochet hat.

Jacqui said...

Isn't that funny - started the second sock but got distracted by looking for a pattern for a ... crochet hat :)

Maureen said... long as the frogs stay in the sock and not in your throat!Hope you're bouncing back soon!