Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Posh Yarn Lace Club

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Look what I got! Discovered on the AY forum today that club members got a variety of yarns rather than all getting the same one. This has made for a lovely 'show and tell' as we showed out treasure to each other.

Yummy! Details of Seraphina on the Posh Yarn website. and all about the lace club here. We also got a free pattern for the yarn to make the lovely shawl on the lace club page. I am not sure if this is available to non-club members, as I can't find it on thewebsite so I will check with Dee and post a link once I have her go ahead to do so :o)

So I need to hurry up and finish DB's lace & bobble cardi so can get started on a shawl, again. i will use a lifeline this time so I don't loose it all when i make a mistake *rolls eyes, in an i've been there done that kind of way*. I still have Bertie to finish, a pair of socks I started on holiday barely begun, and, the Colinette cardi to finish - if I ever summon the enthusiasm to get it out of the plastic bag after all this time!

I was wondering, should I have a knitting blog and a non-knitting blog? Or shall I continue with this as it is? What do you think?

I have also joined the Yarn Angels Club at Angel Yarns. So 'clubs are me' at the moment! This 10% discount has already encouraged me to spend more :o) well, need to get my tenner's worth LOL.

Knitting - none
Sewing - none
Shopping - Lots!

But also sold some yarn I will never use but it is way too good to bin, on the forum tonight so feeling quite holy. New yarn comes in one door as other yarn goes and out the next. a Yarn-go-round? Stash-a-bye?

PS Northumberland has LOTS of castles, I'm sure we could spare a few, any you fancy in particular :o)

PPS BD cardi now has rib on back and one sleeve, getting there, getting there.


Leeanne said...

Ohh I love your yarn. Have fun.

modelwidow said...

Nice colour yarn.
As for the blogs, I think its nice having a mixed blog, some knitting bits and some not, it is always interesting to see what else people do.