Friday, November 24, 2006

I can do that ... can't I?

Well, no actually, I can't.

Had a bad knitting day? Me too! It started well :o) I was zipping along, but I'd better take you back to the real beginning

A few days ago I read on Kerry's blog that she was doing this shawl cobweb. so I thought, "that looks easy" (first mistake).

Indeed it was, as I knitted I checked back with Kerry and lo and behold a photo of the finished item looking gorgeous.

Encouraged I plodded on. I've never knitted a border onto anything before so I was amazed at how straightforward it was. (mistake 2)

I have never knitted and icord on as an edging before so I was amazed at how easy that was too. (mistake 3)

I was just complementing myself on my excellent knitting. (mistake 4)

As the icord went on and the circle of lace came off the needle and began to open up I began to have misgivings.

Wasn't that lacy bottom edging a little too short?

Wasn't the icord knitting up a bit too tight to let the circle spred out properly?

Hang on wasn't I knitting this thing ...


Yes, you've guessed. I have knitted the lace edge that is supposed to go around the bottom onto the top, and the icord that is supposed to go on the top around the bottom!

I briefly considered leaving it like that and pretending that I meant to do it Hey, grandma is 92 she wouldn't complain But no, if a thing is worth doing, then i's worth doing properly, right? And upside down is not right.

So moral number 1 - it helps to know which edge is which when knitting lace. And
moral number 2. this shawl is knit from the centre neck down, not from the centre back up and it's a good idea to know that before you begin.

So here's some photos of the offending (or offended) item.


All tinkied back to reality from the laternate universe it crossed into :o) and another thing I learnt today is that it's not easy to tink mohair *shudders*

Here's the start (another restart got it wrong again!) of the edging.


Ah well, guess I wont have it ready for Sunday when my sis comes for coffee before heading back off down south. I was hoping to give her all the family pressies to take back with her and save myself the postgae, but I may well still be knitting this one.

You gotta laugh!

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Dee said...

Ooh, I was planning to do this shawl, but you've completely put me off!