Tuesday, November 07, 2006

linda's row

linda's row
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With one of my other hat's on I am a quilter. So when I am not knitting I sew. Here's the row I just finished for a row by row round robin. Late again! Even later than the last few I'm afraid, but finished at last and in the post to Australia a.s.a.p.

My next row is for Belle, and involves Angels :o) i have some patterns all sorted out.

Before then I have a cqrr to GET A MOVE ON WITH! *sighs!* I really should learn to multi-task with my sewing. I can have several knitting projects on the go at once quite happily but for some reason I can't get my head round doing the same with sewing. I am compelled to finish one before I turn to the next. Anyway, I feel aload off my shoulders now Linda's row is completed so I can get stuck in to the cq :o) Hope to have that on it's way by the weekend.

Knitting is different. Why? Probably because it is more portable, and easier to pick up and put down as the demands of Mrs 3 years intrude. Possibly because I can slob on the sofa (apart from the lace knitting which I sit at the table to do as I need the pattern more) and relax, and also mostly because although I give a lot if it away or knit it for other people it is essentially a solitary persuit. Other than the sock swap I haven't knitted anything for exchange on the forum.

I should give you a look at the sock swap socks too, shouldn't I. Well, I will - soon. :o)

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