Saturday, November 25, 2006

shawl with a fringe on

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Dee, do not be discouraged, look it's fixed! I tinked it all back and reknitted it correctly this time :o) Currently it's in the bath with the wool wash waiting me to begin the blocking, the bloking, the blocking (to be said in a hreat of darkness manner).

So looking good for a take away tomorrow when little sis comes after all. Depends how long it takes to dry,.

The yarn is from my stash, mainly acrylic but some mohair in the mix and annoying to frog :o( but lovely turquoise colour. Looking good enough to eat before the blocking so I have high hopes. Pattern, easy peasy to knit and repeats easy to memorise. Got bored after 6 repeates of the last section so could have been longer, (pattern suggests 7 1/2 repeats.)

Dee, the error was mine not the patterns, comes from not being very good at visualising *rolls eyes* the finished project. I think the original pattern would benefit from a better photograph, wasn't sure why Kerry chose to do this one, except she already had one so she knew what it was like. The real object is mush lovlier than the photo on MagKnits which doesn't sho any detail of the shawl.

Anyway off to gently squeeze out as much water as possible, want this baby dry for tomorrow am, sis arrived at 10am and this has to go on the living room rug tonight. Btw, sis is bringing 2 little kids too so I need to have it up off the floor before they arrive.

Excited, this is my forst blocking!

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