Saturday, November 04, 2006

This week I have ...

...made littlest one a hat from the same yarn as big DD's (but without the skull and cross bones), done one mitten for her (she'll have to keep the other hand in her pocket), drop spindled a small ball of yarn (it's too puny to show you), and finished my Bertie scarf (long neglected WP - badly needs blocking).

Also added to the gansey (which is taking FOREVER) and looked at my lace shawl (yes, it still looks like it's not finished!) I have stared to sew the row I need to send to Aus for Linda, thought about the work I have planned for tomorrow on the CQRR.

And I have nearly bought a spinning wheel! How wierd is that, not enough hours in the day for my knitting and now iwant to spin too - crazy woman! Must be mad, next I will be getting a sheep, or maybe Alpacas, or just a few little bunnies :o) Well, it keeps ME happy, how about you?

Piccies to follow, batteries flat Doh!

1 comment:

Lyonheart said...

Gosh, sounds like you are super busy! Alpacas and bunnies, that's the way forward!