Thursday, November 09, 2006


Look what I got! Look what I got!

wheel1My Wheel!

Well, more acurately look what my Mum & Dad have got, cos it's at their house 200 miles away, but it's mine all mine Muwahhaha!

Can't believe it. Now, if my sis can fit it in her car (little chance but maybe) then it'll be coming north at the end of the month.

i coverted and hoped and wished and it came true.

it's an Ashford traditional and I got it through eBay, sort of. Linzi of Alpaca Spinner sells new wheels and her website (which I got to via eBay) said she occasionally has second hand wheels so I emailed asking if she had any at the moment. No, she said she doesn't really do them any more as you can't make any money on them once you've done them up. But ... she did have one which needed some cosmetic work on it and was alright to spin with and ... I could have it if I could collect it.

Well, i couldn't but my lovely Mum & Dad were going to see my lovely grandma on Wednesday and she lives in Northampton and linzi lives near Northampton and the rest, as they say, is history. AND it was a real bargin, everyone connected with spinning that I have come across so far has been very kean to encourage new spinners, I am encouraged!

So I am happy bunny doing a happy dance and practicing my drop spindling to get better at drafting and buying books on spinning, because, obviously, the one thing I have to have is more books :o)

My Dad got a demonstration from Linzi so i've sent him some roving so he can have a play whilst he waits for the transport to take it away.

meanwhile I am just such a happy bunny, shame I'm not angora or I could collect my own fluffy fur!


belle said...

Wonderful news ! I just KNEW you wouldn't be able to resist, it's such a great extension of your love of yarn and knitting.

Put kettle on.... I'm coming over to play too when it arrives :)

Maureen said...

Let's hope that Dad will "allow" you to take possession of the wheel.
In the meantime,check out this:

Have fun!

MargaretR said...

Lucky you, Jacqui.

Rissa said...

Oh, you will love her! I learned to spin on an Asford Traditional.