Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Annette's was closest

but no one got it exactly right, which is reassuring really, the error is obviously not as horrible as I thought it was and random strangers passing by will not see my socks and run screaming from the room "That woman has a mistake in her cable!"

I did one too few rows between the arrowed cables so they are a little too close together. *sigh!* I spotted it almost straight away too but I just couldn't be bothered to run the cable stitches down and pick them back up the right way round. Plus if I had, the outer travelling stitch would have been out of true and not following the rest of the pattern. Which all goes to show that I shouldn't sweat the small stuff!

Talking of small stuff, baby still isn't here as she refuses to come out until she is good and ready, and that is not yet! Still time to finish the pink mitts and booties to match the hat :o) Just need to finish my swap mitts first :o)

I want to cast on a shawl/stole/wrap thingy but this is NOvember so no new cast ons! Blah!

Meanwhile Mr Postie has delivered the fine, fine, oh so very fine Jamieson cone of yarn. OMG it is fine, I'll take a piccie tomorrow to share this fineness so you can wonder along with me, at the amazingness of ever entertaining the thought of knitting with such delicate nothingness. What was i thinking? :o)


Annette said...

Ooh, so close! It's obviously an optical illusion of two cable rows being too close together that makes the next appear further apart! I did have to look really closely though ...definitely not an error worth frogging!

Nevisknitter said...

Well done Annette, you must have eagle eyes, I cant see it even with the arrow there.
Jacqui, you can be strong in NOvember, only 3 weeks left, and once that babys here you will have less time for temptation anyway.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Nevisknitter - I'm still none the wiser! You can just imagine how my socks will turn out, can't you, oh dear!? My first attempt at cabling (other than swatches) was a pair of 'honeycomb' mittens - they were useless but at least they were for me and warm :o) Abi x

YarnSnob said...

me too, I'm still none the wiser lol but only you can see the error :) besides, makes them extra special

Viknits said...

No way would I have spotted that mistake!!
They are gorgeous socks :)

Fiona said...

Even pointed out, I struggle to see it. So, I hope that's of some comfort!