Friday, November 16, 2007

mittswap 2

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and I received these from Kirsty, thank yiu :o)


Michaela said...

Thanks for leaving a comment about the squares. Yes please, we still need more, and if you're late, I really don't mind. Even if they turn up in February, I'll still use them! As to number of stitches, I too should know, but like you I seem to have forgotten! You could always do like Emma and cast on 3 stitches, then increase one stitch at the start of every row (or is it the start and end of every row?) until the straight edge is 4", then decrease in the same way. But not to worry too much, I had 3 squares this week each measuring 4.5" x 5.5". I'm becoming expert at doctoring rectangles!!!

I wonder why I've not found your blog before. Or perhaps I have and I'm just useless. That brain is becoming more like a sieve every day!

Soo said...

Fetchings look great -- but I confess I'm mostly overwhelmed by the 'nothingness' of that laceweight. EEEEEEKKKKK!