Thursday, November 01, 2007

Heirlooms and socks.

Pressing on with the HipKnits Project Club sock I am nearing the finish of the first sock and just waiting for Kerrie's go ahead to share some photos with you, it's a lovely sock too, full of firsts for me so I look forward to blogging it more thoroughly.

I have finished my first ever toe up sock with the Very Berry Posh Yarn and the pattern from Interweave Knits Summer 2007. (The light is rubbish today Bah!)

The yarn is lovely and soft, I love the colours and despite not liking this cast on (I found another one via Dee's blog link to a pattern with another link to the cast on - interweb wins again!)

One side of the sock the heel is pants so, of course, this is the other side, Question is, do I match the pants side with sock number 2 or now that I know what my mistake is do I do it right for sock 2? Will the recipient ever know anyway? :o)

The cast on with the pattern is ok but needed darning to remove the tiny holes so I prefer the alternative cast on.

All in all I like this as a quick knit, they don't look much unblocked but a quick stretch with the improvised sock blocker and hey presto! It might have been easier if they hadn't been a surprise so I could ask for foot measurements, but I have guessed that she has smaller feet than me because she's quite a bit smaller than me :o)

I have been spending money *blushes* in an attempt to not buy any more yarn *sigh* I have bought a pattern, but what a pattern! Then the yarn jumper in the basket, I couldn't help it! Once again I can blame my yarn purchases on someone else :o) This time it is Bronte's fault that last night I had to buy this and this. I hope this baby (who is still reluctant to put in an appearance) is a good sleeper :o)

I have also been finding out more about Tuggle - a UK alternative to Etsy shall I join?


YarnSnob said...

are my eyes lying to me? Do I see socks??? Yes!!! Socks!! and they look fab too!

Kate said...

I get the blame for everything. :-(

You're ahead of me, though, as I haven't even thought which yarn to buy!