Friday, November 02, 2007

Does blocking show up errors?

I am supposed to be going out to night for the first time in ages and ages but I want to stay home and knit socks! I think I may be obsessed.
I need to make the other sock! Can you tell I like this pattern? I do!
The cables are lovely and not too complicated (haven't done any for good few years).
The heel is lovely, just enough texture and look at the little line of holes made by the gusset shaping very elegant.
The magic toe cast on is wonderful from the front you just can't see the join, try it, it's nifty.
The only part I am slightly unsure of is the rib on the cuff, it does evolve from the pattern row beneath but it isn't even, I might change that on a different pair. The sewn cast off was also relatively new but works well leaving a stretchy edge that will fit almost anyone.

See the error yet?


Nic said...

Uh... really looking carfeully now... um... the cable second on the left in the photo (first one we can see in full) - is it slightly kinked at the top near the sentre of the foot (hell, I need to learn some cableing technical vocab fast!)

I like the ribbing yo the leg, but I migth add a picot cast off, so the end doesn't look so abrupt? Maybe... I haven't tried sewn cast off, so maybe I'd try that first?

Queen of the froggers said...

This is driing me mad as I just cannot see what is wrong with it! I am sure it will be obvious once we know!!

YarnSnob said...

the second cable from the right of pic, the bottom of the cable looks odd but I can't say what hahha..but they look fine to me

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that as you're quiet the baby has made an appearance and you're getting lots of cuddles. Good job you finished the socks! Still don't see the mistake though ...

Anonymous said...

Is it the ribbing at the top?