Monday, November 12, 2007

Where did that week go?

Well, part of it went on settling in our new arrival. I wish I could show you a photo :o) but, sadly, I am not allowed to share a photo of fostered children with you, which is a great shame as the new baby is gorgeous. But then at 4 days old today all babies should have someone who thinks they are gorgeous :o)

What I can share is a very touching act of kindness which completely took me by surprise. Kerrie sent us a present :o) A lovely card three pretty girly babygrows and a lovely vintage embroidered cot sheet, very sweet. Thank you, Kerrie, such lovely surprises restore my faith (which is sometimes
tried by other aspects of fostering) in the goodness of people.

One of the roles of foster carers is to gather and guard the mementos and minutiae of their foster children's lives and to keep such small ordinariness safe. A little box of treasures from her time here will go with the baby when she goes to her permanent home, wherever that may ultimately be. A box of photographs, cards, clothes and keepsakes. Partly these things are for adopters but mainly they are for the baby as part of her history. All the things your Mum and Dad could tell you or I, she will have to either deduce or have documented for her. As well as a box of little treasures she will have a life story book which will give her as much detail about what happened before and whilst she was here as I can glean for her.
Kerrie's gifts become part of her heritage and I, for one, am delighted to be able to show baby that someone else cared enough about her to think of her and to send a present. Thank you, Kerrie, from both of us. :o)

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YarnSnob said...

such a lovely gesture from Kerrie and its great what you are doing :)