Monday, May 16, 2005

Bargains Galore

Went into my local knitting shop today to get some needles for my latest project. I am going to knit with Colinette Graffiti which is a lovely varigated yarn, but I needed size 9mm needles. Horror of horrors! My wool shop is closing down and everything was on sale at least 50% off. Sadly they didn't have the needles I need so now I will have to go all the way into Newcastle for them but still a shop full of bargains. Anyone who knows me knows I cannot resist a bargain. But somehow there was nothing in this for sale shop that I needed. Briefly contemplated some Baby Arran in lilac but no, couldn't even find any stitch holders and the other yarns were pants. Guess that is why it is closing down!


Maureen said...

Love the knitting yarn Jacqui!
Don't forget to save some of it for couching down on your CQ blocks!

Jacqui said...

Hi Maureen - yes, now that you mention it :) I think this yarn would look lovely couched with a silver or gold thread, but I would never have thought of using a knitting yarn on CQ. Thank you for the idea!