Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Things have not been going too smoothly with the family contact for X. Today I stopped to think about what I am doing that is helping to creat the tension. I decided I need to try harder to make this aspect of fostering more successful. After all this must be a hugely difficult experience for the people on the other end of fostering. I can only imagine how I would feel about my child being removed against my will and looked after by someone I didn't know. So I will redouble my efforts to be pleasant and unjudgemental (something I struggle with at times!). In the end improved relations will benefit me just as much as they will benefit X and X's family, and make life easier for us all. So when family are looking for confrontation I will try not to engage in arguement, it achieves nothing but stress. Spoke to the SW today about this situation and other related matters. Things seem to take a ridiculously long time for anything to be achieved but we have to go through the 'correct' proceedures! Meanwhile X's little life ticks past, already X has been here for 1/5th of their life.

Received two letters from Australia today - one is my friendship block for May - which I was good and didn't open. The other was a beautiful CQ heart block which I must now embellish. Have been so busy I haven't had time for a second look at it nor to begin planning what embellishment I will do but I do know it is a great block and will be fun to work on. Have just remembered I need to do some more blanket stitch on the rooster - must get that posted. Tommorrow...

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