Wednesday, May 25, 2005

CQ interest spreads

Having begun to plan my embellishments for Elly's block in the CQRR and reading Sharon B's blog 'inaminuteago' my interest has really been sparked. I have joined the crazyquiltinginternational group and expressed an interest in an upcoming RR with a theme of white/cream/beige. I have done a littel internet searching and found a little beaded frog for Elly's block. B let me know Elly likes frogs but I should have worked that out as a frog is her avatar for the Craft Club site! Also decided to stitch the seam in feather stitch and may combine this with a lazy daisy flower sprig for each feather point. Now I just need to choose the colours and get sewing - hopefully this weekend will see some progress - really should try to post by the end of next week or my next block will have arrived before I send on the first.

Really busy day today with backtoback unrelated meetings. Very different too. Spent one discussing how nothing was happening and the other trying to cram a huge amount into a small space of time. One was really anxious and unsettleing and the other required concentration and speed reading! Upshot is no craft this evening I am really tired!

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