Sunday, May 29, 2005

First Seam Embellishment!

Well, here it is. A simple double feather stitch with lazy daisy chain stitch flowers in green and yellow

The picture is not the best - flash flared off the fabric - but good enough to get some idea of how I did it.

The feather stitch looked good before I did the chain stitch flowers - they were a little disappointing being uneven, but okay for a first attempt. Dithered about the colours too but B helped me be confident in my choice.

I still have a motif to do and I have B to thank for that too :).

Getting on well with my knitting project - colours in the yarn even better than I thought - will post a picture tomorrow.

PS B has suggested I might add beads to the flowers and this is probably a good idea and should hide some imperfections so watch this space ...


sharonb said...

great to see you are giving this a try

Don't worry about seams that are not quite perfect. As the block develops it will look better the more full it becomes - just enjoy

Jacqui said...

Thank you Sharon - it's very encouraging to imagin this block filling up as it does the rounds. My contribution seems very small and isolated at this stage :)

Maureen said...

Oh Jacqui
As Sharon said "just enjoy"
No quilt police are permitted!
As you try out new tecniques on these RRs you'll find it much more enjoyable.Be brave,and experiment........the first stitch is always the hardest.