Friday, September 07, 2007

Another taste of Hemlock

I must learn to be patient, I must learn to be patient, I must ... etc.
If I took a little more time I could get better photographs for you :o) But I am whizzing along with Hemlock and she is growing so quickly that this is probably the last chance to see er spread out.
I started on 4.5 dpns and have just transferred at row 36 to circs. Another few rows and I'll be off the written instructions (which have an error in row 35 btw - but it's an easy one to spot so I'm sure you'll see it) and on to the chart. I am using the modified chart from the yahoo group so hopefully that will be error free.
I just need to decide whether to do Old Shale (with the purl row) or feather 7 fan (without) What do you think? The original (see brooklyntweed's blog) is smooth and gorgeous, the purl row would introduce some more texture ... hmm... so hard to decide I will eventually do both I think, but which one first ????
Off to get a better photo as this will be my last chance... back in a minute :o)


Annette said...

I vote for Feather and Fan(no purl rows!) I think the deep purple will seem richer and shinier with a smooth uninterupted surface, but it's your throw- your choice! ;0)

Twinkle Toes said...

I like the smooth... no my prefence is no purl......

but hey - what do I know(!)