Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Where did that week go?

Things I forgot about babies - they are warm and snuggley, they make cute sucking noises, they want feeding NOW, they smile at you beautifully, they sleep deeply, and they don't give you much time to knit!

I have therefore decided I need to knit bigger yarn (in the perhaps mistaken belief that bigger is quicker), I need to prioritise projects (and finish those nearest to completion), I shouldn't cast on any more projects (yeah, right!), spare time has to be grasped firmly. I have a shawl that is nearly finished , just need to finish the edging, another which is half done and a hemlock which could be cast off if I accept it being a little undersized. All 4 ply! Stash is full of lace & 4 ply, guess I'll be doubling up :o) Little fosterling would look lovely in a hand knitted jumper :o) I think a BSJ or a February sweater. Lots of EZ patterns still to try.

In other news our adoption file has been chosen by the OFSTED inspectors - this fills me with huge glee - bring it on Mr Inspector, come, visit, talk, listen, let me tell you how it is for us, can you believe it?! I am making a list! Adoption worker called this afternoon. 'Can I think of anything negative about the experience?' Can I? Where shall I start? 'Can I think of anything positive?' Hmmm! er... NO! Well, yes, one very positive little person without whom life would be very different, she is very positive. But the process... NO!


Queen of the froggers said...

Well you sound nicely prepared for OFSTED. i hope it all goes well. I hope you find a big wool knit that you like too!

Soo said...

Ooooh - a little one to knit for is fab. Yep - focus on knitting baby things. They are super gorgeous and oh so satisfying!