Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hemlocking along

All other wips are cast aside in favour of Hemlock. Poor things languishing in their bags, waiting ... waiting....

Meanwhile I go round and round and round... you get the idea :o)

Here's a little photo to keep you interested. No, that isn't the colour of my carpet! I laid it on one of the foam mats i use for blocking so that you can see some of the lace. As the photo was taken last night I had to use the flash so the yarn is a bit washed out and the foam is Zing! in your face but you can see the shapes. My only KP Options cable longer than this one is v...e...r...y long so I'll have to scrunch up on this one for a while before transferring. From the photograph i notice it looks like there might be a purl row in there after the pattern but there isn't, yet. Still toying with the idea of throwing in a few purles :o) But knitting ss for now.

OK of to be good and load some more wedding photos into Flickr for the rellies to look at.

All my knitting is going round and round and round at the moment and for once I am not dizzy, the knitting is. LOL


Queen of the froggers said...

It is looking great. those "blocking" pieces look useful. Are they the kids foam shapes you can get?

yarnsnob said...

hemlocking is so beautiful, you knit the most beautiful things, you sure you're not dizzy? I must invest in some of those mats...from where??