Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My other car's a Porche

or ... my next Hemlock will be Aran.

Please amuse your selves whilst I continue going round, and round, and round... you get the idea?

All my WIP (of which there are 3 worth talking about) are at the round and round stage. This whilst very 'process' it also a tad tiresome so I have decided I shall also cast on a new project.

It's time I made mt Della!

I am going to blog her step by step over on the project club blog starting on Thursday with the cast on. (Button in sidebar if you want to watch!)

This will be a nice change as the other projects are all 4 ply and I like a little lace weight lace in my life :o)

OK, in the meantime, I am off to go round and .... you know the rest.

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