Friday, September 14, 2007

Little things

First - the little knitting is over on the Hipknits project Club Blog (click on the button on the right to go see) There hasn't been much of it I have to say.

The other things round here right now are the little socks and little vest and little shoes and little trousers etc. etc. etc. we have a new visitor and L is gorgeous. Haven't had such a little baby to look after for ages and I had forgotten how yummy they are. This one is easy - sleeps beautifully and smiles broadly when cooed to, very rewarding. Having lots of fun playing with the visitor just sorry i can't share photos :o( but Fostering bods are quite, rightly and understandably, strict about that sort of thing. I'd love to 'share' but I can't.

I learn from having a new bub here that I wish i knew how easy bubs can be when my own were little, I wish I had known about establishing routines and about being calm to receive calm - guess some things do get easier as you get older ;o) Meanwhile I learn that being 4 1/2 is hard work whatever the age of the (foster) parent. K started school this week and it's hard being 4 1/2 for me and for her too. She's so tired and so feisty and on the one hand this is a great joy when I think where she has come from and how she was when she first arrived. Thank goodness she can name her needs and insist upon them being met. On the other hand it makes for many challenges during the day. Must remember about being calm for her too ;o) She is a lovely thing (in bursts) and she is a wild, free, uninhibited thing too. My lovely whirlwind girl.

to bed... to sleep...


Twinkle Toes said...

gosh! sounds like you'll have your hand full!


if I'm not mistaken is it your buffday tomorrow? Have a lovely day! *hugs*

Cathryn said...

Hi! Sounds like you have your hands full!

Viknits said...

Sounds like you're having a good, but hectic time. It must be very rewarding fostering and helping them, and watching them develop, knowing that you've made their lives so much better.. keep up the good work! :)