Thursday, September 06, 2007

Hemlock Yarn

This is my yummy Posh Yarn Emily.

I seem to have a purple thing going on :o) *blushes*

Left to right Damson, 3 x Magnus, Peal *Happy Sigh!

The sheep were my present to me when we went to Alnwick Castle during the holidays - I nicked the idea of them guarding the stash for photographs from Annette :o)

The Hemlock takes two 300yd skeins of brooklyntweeds chosen yarn, Cascade Ecological Wool which is a Heavy Worsted - now I may very well be wrong here but I am thinking that it's a thick Aran/Chunky weight so I will need more yardage for the same size throw. I am planning on knitting the 3 Magnus and seeing how big it is. That is a fairly firm decision at present but give me time and I will change my mind *rolls eyes* I am also drawn to starting with the Damson changing to the Magnus and finishing with the Peal. But I might have to move house to be able to block her if I use all 5 and I'd like to try the pattern alteration to Old Shale by adding the purl rows as well as the version as charted. Ho hum.

Strangely the other project (the one we can't mention) is also having a lot of Old Shale at the moment (round and round and round she goes) so maybe this is my mindless knitting phase.

Today I had an hour and a half of pure, uninterrupted knitting bliss :o) Sadly I then spent all afternoon feeling that I haven't actually done any work today as there have been no housewifery/motherly goings on prior to the big kids coming in from school. Maybe this just goes to show that I am never pleased, or more positively (and therefore, I like to think, more likely) I just haven't had enough therapy yet. Bring it on.

And finally, winding the Emily into balls today, led to winding the Middle Earth Yarns DK BFL. DD2 insisted we do 'more spinney things, Mummy' - she likes turning the handle and has not heard of the ills of child labour. I faltered and nearly switched to a project cast on in the Foamy Seas instead - it is so very very squishy and soft and boy, you have to be soft to outsquish Emily

Foamy seas

But I resisted, I have plans for Foamy Seas and they require some thought and some charting so I want the head space that will require to be fully available and not doing a time share with the trivia currently therein. So wait, squishy skeins, your time will come.

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Twinkle Toes said...

Looking on Ravelry.....Quite a few people are doing the hemlock in sockweight / fingering weight... possibly pushing the sportweight....

Colinette in particular - so you might want to have a mooch and see what yardage they have needed.....