Thursday, June 02, 2005

Progress Report

Just a quick post - should be on my way to bed but this stuff is addictive! I will regret it in the morning :)

Knitting going really well, finished the body so on to the sleeves and then the dreaded making up - urgh. Promised photo will appear tomorrow as I want to use daylight to really be do justice to the beautiful colours.

Still fascinated by the ATC ideas - will explore more after the CQRR finishes.

Have done the little beaded frog for E's CQ heart block. Decided not to add beads to the flowers as I thought they would be competeing with the froggy. Leave well enough alone! Have been discussing with B the 'near enough is good enough' approach to my crafting :) Need to apply this to be brave enough to work on other people's blocks. Encouraging comments from sharonb very helpful. Easy to forget that there are still 5 other CQers to work on the block. Guess it will be simpler with the next one as Elly will already have worked on that and then the next will have 2 people's work and so on. I have never been in a RR before so this is all a learning process.

Managed to but myself a hardback copy of a CQ book I already own. Doh! Anyway no one can say I don't have enough craft book/magazines/FQs

Rodney (see below) has been well received in his new home so as soon as I get a picture of him he will go on here too.

Must to bed :)

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