Friday, August 12, 2005

The 'before' shots

Went to the charity shop this morning and bought some rather large (UK size 20) black jeans. Hopefully the black will help the colours sing and not sure why I went large. Didn't mean to - went into the shop with every intension of a 10 / 12 size pair but came out with these large. Going with the flow and large it is. Think I will probably add a base too so that the bag will stand once full. Could be a 'take-this-one-with-swimming-towels-and-costumes-in' kind of a bag, or a 'mum-will-carry-the-picnic-and-blanket' bag. :)

Feeling very happy about the whole thing. Lovely to be making something to keep for a change. LOL

Anyway here are the 'before' photos.


and back

Now ALL I need to do it some sewing :) May start by using some of Nancy's wool to crochet a belt to go through the belt loops (unsurprisingly).


sharonb said...

Gosh you have a straight bottom! Mine is allover the place :-)

Jacqui said...

Might be straight but perhaps a little short? The thing I didn't like about DD's bag was that it looked like there was still a bum in it!

Chloe said...

Ummmm - That was one of the things about it I liked - that it looked like it still had a bum in it *grin*

Sharon said...

LOL - this has become a world wide epidemic... The 'disease' has reached the English shoreline... Could this be a new 'red hat' society? I did look at the op shop today too... hehehehe... Good luck ladies with your endeavours....Put the 'B' back into jeans - that is B for Bag...