Monday, August 08, 2005


Another day where I can't add anything! How frustrating! I am crafting - mainly cq - but it's all swaps at the moment so I have to wait until the recipients open them before I feel free to 'go public'. For one of them in particular I would like to journal the process so I am keeping al the WIP pictures to put on later. Again I have found the process of photographing the work very helpful in enabling me to step back and take an overview of the progress I am making.

Taught my DD and her friend (both aged 12) to crochet yesterday - once you can do something you so quickly forget how hard it is when you are learning! But they persevered and had nice long 'necklaces' by the end of it. Will dig out some beads and bit and bobs to decorate them with tomorrow. Next step how to make granny squares!

Also in the process of finishing foster daughter's 'table tent'/Wendy house. Can't remember if I blogged about this earlier or not but know I haven't added any photos so once the window frame is on and the flowers are growing outside the door I'll do that. All donated fabric so far so a free play tent - the very best kind. DD did remark that when she was little all she got was a blanket thrown over the table! She's right too :)

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