Thursday, August 18, 2005

Madonna, Maid and Hag

My Madonna has developed into a triptych :) I have decided to add a Maid and a Hag to my bag as well as the mother and child image I put on earlier. These will be in different styles to the Madonna. I have drawn the pattern for the Maid and she is of a similar size to the Madonna figure, but I think she will be in raw edge applique, with embroidered features. Having a debate with myself now over whether Maid should be 'whore/tart' or virgin, but think the three are supposed to be virgin, mother, and crone - correct me if I'm wrong? The dual identity thing is the virgin/whore with the Madonna being Virgin. May just be getting a bit to complicated so I think I will let this one sort itself out on the bag!

There has been some debate here between DD and myself about whether I will be allowed out of the house with a naked young woman on my bag and I am told I have to put a bikini on her or I will be disowned! I thought she should have nice pert little breasts with french knot nipples :) However, in the interests of family harmony she will be clothed, for the time being, (tart would be more fun to dress). Hopefully will get the basics done tomorrow so I can post some photos. Haven't given much thought to my Hag/Crone yet other that the classic 'witch' idea but still mulling over this one and will come back to it when Maid is in place.

Most notable thing about the whole process for me today is that I drew a pattern and played with it until I was happy. I did draw a figure for the Madonna but she is pretty simple and stereotypical so couldn't really be called a design. But I think my maid is actually the first thing I have designed, ever, ever, ever in my life. So small fanfare for Jacqui, LOL. After that build up I'd better make her good. Hehehehe


Sharon said...

LOL - Perhaps you can 'drape' a semi sheer piece of fabric over the offending bits... :)

belle said...

Great minds, Sharlee, I suggested the same thing to Jacqui in an email.

Jammy, I will be getting up early to check here just to see how you've done your virgin, you're right, such a builup, I can't wait vbg