Sunday, August 14, 2005

Tentative first steps - 'bags of fun'

Not going to post to the flikr group website until I have some real progress - maybe once a week as suggested by another member there. In the meantime I will record the day-to-day goings on here. :)

Here is a picture of the front with a velvet beaded panel pinned in place ready to sew

and here is the back
with some antique lace over one pocket - again pinned waiting to be sewn.

The velvet comes from an old piece given to me by a friend clearing out her craft supplies - it was a beaded waistcoat and I wanted to keep the piece quite large to preserve the pattern of the beads. The photo shows the inset black fabric against the velvet well but does not show all the beading which surrounds it. The lace was from the same lady.

I am thinking about the bag as I fall asleep and when I wake up in the morning. I have toyed with the idea of a theme; planets, sky, water, sewing? In the end I think I will just go for heavily embellished, rich and pretty. The thing I enjoyed about a recent cq swap was the freedom from planning, or rules. What do I feel like doing tonight? Well, okay then that's what I'll do! This means my work will not follow a predetermined plan nor arrive at a fixed destination. We will just go with it and see where we end up. Strange to think that when I first started the cq RR only a few months ago it was that very freedom from rules and a lack of a pattern which frightened me so and prevented me from starting.

I am sure that the technical execution of some of the other bags will be better than mine. I see that others already have more forward planning and insight into the direction their bags are going in. The results of some of the other sewers will probably be grander/cleverer/more innovative too. But I do think that we will all have fun. Already I am enjoying my sewing and the exploration of uncharted territory more and more each day.


Sharon said...

But Jacqui it will be your 'signature' bag... Something people will comment on... What a great 'showcase' it will be... Look forward to seeing your progress...

sharonb said...

Jacqui Don't worry about technical correctness or the competition just relax - its a personal challenge express yourself - everyone looks at everyone elses work and feels that its better than theirs - happens to me all the time. True! That is one thing the net has taught me there is always someone who is better technically, or more imaginative or what ever but ulimately you can only measure this challenge against your previous work just go with the process and you will pleased with the results and everyone will enjoy it too as for every person that does break out there are 10 watching wishing they had the nerve to do it too.

Chloe said...

In all work such as this I strongly believe the journey is more important than the destination - what we learn and feel and experience along the way is so much more important to me than the actual finished product. (It was even more so for my mother - thirty unfinished quilt tops later!!!! I think there is a little of her in me too).

And I am getting so much inspiration from each bag - why didn't I think of overlaying patches first like you are, I ask myself. Each new bag I see I wnat to start anew.

So it is not only what we learn and enjoy from our own as we work along, it is also the wonderful enrichment of having so many individuals and their own unique approaches.

Viva la Difference (or whatever, but you know what I mean)