Monday, August 22, 2005

Face off or face on?

The majority of comments both here and at the flickr group seem to be of the opinion that my Maiden could be left faceless. An archetype - provide your own face viewers! I am not sure that this isn't some kind of cop out for me - self-confessed face phobic? Still contemplating. Evie suggested a couple of interesting alternatives, a mask or a photo like face of a real person. Either of these would involve learning some new techniques which is no bad thing. The second - a real face - I think I will reject, although thank you for the suggestion :), as I don't want anyone to identify her as an individual person. The first provokes a little more internal debate about masks and the conflict between hiding ones identity and my stated intent to make her virginal and voluptuous. Hmm. Very interesting. Need more time to think. I must confess I lean to the blank option at present but I fear this is more to do with my lack of confidence than it is to do with believing this to be the right choice! If two of my figures are faceless it would seem to follow that the third should be also, that leaves me the dilemma of how to indicate age without a face.

Meanwhile, back at the bagface: I have had very little time to work on Maiden today but late this evening made a start on her hair embellishment. So far I have embroidered a meandering running stitch in a toning stranded cotton and threaded this with a lighter pale yellow which contrasts nicely. I may well have a problem photographing this at this stage as my digi camera will only go in to 0.2m in focus. However if I post the photo to flickr it can be enlarged. The main idea behind the meandering stitching is to give the impression of curls - there are spirals and waves, but also to secure the fabric especially at the edges. So far I have only covered half the head of hair so back to it tomorrow.

Today's comment about the Maiden from DD - we went to buy her first bra today - she says the Maiden needs more padding!

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