Thursday, August 11, 2005

Stormy Weather

Debra said DD might want the bag back once it was embellished - she wants it back already. I am only allowed to embellish it if it ends up looking 'goth'! I decided I wanted the stitching to make it's own mind up rather than having to plan it all out first and I could not, therefore, guarantee 'goth' so it has been reclaimed. Funny how now I want it she discovers that she really liked it all along. Anyway on the positive side the bag, which has languished unloved since completion, is now being used.

I will charity shop for a old pair of jeans to use - so I am starting again, this time from scratch!

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sharonb said...

Well the bright side is that she now appreciates the bag - and I bet will green with envy when she sees yours finished!Human nature - Hit the ops shops and have fun with the project doing what you like.