Thursday, August 25, 2005

CQ Christmas Stocking

My mini swap partner has now received her stocking so it's time to share the photos here too :)

The first picture is taken after I pieced the stocking but before embellishment. The piecing was done by hand and I found this a much easier way to work than by doing it one a machine. Mainly because the slippery fabrics were more controllable. As you can see, I incorporated lace into one of the seams at this stage.

The next photo is taken part of the way through embellishing. The detail of my first few blocks is shown more clearly in this photo than in the photo of the finished piece. In particular you can see the row of 'daisy' flowers more easily. After stitching the flowers I decided my 'style' is country naive (hehehe). In this photo you can also see that I did all the seam treatments first before filling any of the blocks. None of these patterns or motifs were planned out beforehand - I just picked up the needle and sewed. This freedom appeals to me greatly now although just a few months ago when I started the CQRR it was the sacriest part of CQ.

My third photo shows the finished piece. I had stitched one holly leaf but it looked too dominant and drew the eye too much so I changed it for two smaller ones. To the top right there are three little buds - my first bullion stitches but it's a good job they aren't very clear as I now realise I did them all wrong LOL well I am still learning :) To the top left you can see that I laced the running stitch spiral - what you can't see is that I used a metalic thread to do this. Theis is the clearest picture for the embellishments. I did ponder whether to sew the recipients name in the collar of the stocking but decided against it - she has a very short name! I wasn't sure if she uses her full name either.

This final photo shown the stocking made up, with a ribbon loop at the corner and a simple calico lining, the reverse is a gold satin (from memory). I am glad I took the photographs throughout the process as although the one of the finished piece shows the shape it was not flat (how do you iron cq?) so some of the other photos give a better idea of the embellishments and a truer representation of colours. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole exercise and will probably make more in future.

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belle said...

I just noticed the littele sunburst bottom righthand corner, wondering what you used for the centre, is that a nice red bead?