Thursday, April 20, 2006

Another hat!

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Remember the Noro hat? Well, here's hat number 2 to the same pattern. I thought the Noro one was a little too big so I went down a needle size. I do knit loose - well everything comes out big *shock, no really* This one is in a very old stash find in nylon yarn (which yarn would admit to that these days? I think you'd say Acrylic) and in 1oz balls. The model is my middle DS, Liam, who is only ever photographed juggling - because he is permanently juggling *rolls eyes* it's his 'thing'. Don't ask me I just feed them!

Hat looks like this when it's not on his head.

I have finished my crochet 'sampler' - I made it out of dishcloth cotton so it will have a new life in my kitchen :) .
Now to dig out some fine crochet cotton and have a go at some doilies :) Have given up on the US crochet terms altogether - old dogs and new tricks :) but beginning to get used to the crochet charts *wonders will never cease - shock, horror!*

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~Silvia~ said...

The Crochet sampler looks great. I am debating on making 'Branching out' in dishcloth cotton or a bit finer. And using it as a Cafe house style curtain. Would probably look real nice in the Kitchen.......worth a try anyway. All I have to do is get the Yarn!!