Saturday, April 29, 2006

m's Socks

m's Socks
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Finished DD's socks - spent all day doing the second one as the pattern wouldn't match so wasted a lot of wool breaking winding off and rejoining yarn! Nearly got them the same but was loosing the will to live by the toes - never mind they'll be inside her shoes!

Now back to some real sewing...


belle said...

They're a great colour, lucky miss, hope she changes her opinion now about crafting and sees how useful old wrinkly people can be :)

Did you not use Opal for them Jam, is that why such a drama matching stripes?

Now that they're done, does this mean you can do other stuff you've been putting off vbg

Azziria said...

Lovely socks! Just saw your post on the Angel Yarns forum - made me jump for a moment when I saw the photo, because I was just about to post a pic of the socks I finished for my daughter on Saturday morning... in Regia 'Passion' 6-ply.

Good on you for matching the stripes, though - I didn't bother, and I was quite a way down the second sock before I could discern a pattern repeat.