Thursday, April 13, 2006

I got a postcard!

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Look! I got a postcard! Wow!

I was in a fibre postcard swap on the craft forum. But due to other pressures and a general lack of organisation *rolls eyes and shrugs shoulders* I pulled out before the end of the preperation period. So I wasn't expecting to receive a postcard this time. I watched everyone else revealing theirs tho' and felt not a little annoyed with myself for missing out on the fun, But I need not have regretted pulling out because my dear Belle made sure I wasn't left out. This beautiful needle felted postcard arrived yesturday morning. thank you, thank you, thank you!

It shows the track Belle walks down to the beach near her house. If I did one of out local beach right now the sea would be grey, the sky would be grey and the beach would be COLD! So this was just the tonic I needed and especially lovely for being unexpected. Isn't the internet a wonderful thing and aren't the people you meet via it wonderful too?! I shall look at the sun and think of summer and feel warm and loved. One to treasure! Thank you, Belle :)

PS must have a go at needle felting :) I think Belle has found her forte.


Di said...

It's beautiful jammy. Belle is one talented lady. I must try needle felting too (I've bought the book)!!

belle said...

Ooops, wonky horizon there, looks like a tsunami coming. It's awful to see things that need fixing after you've sent.

Thanks for your nice comments, Di and Jam :)

~Silvia~ said...

Love the Card. Have not tryed Needle felting's on my list to learn. I am into wet felting at the moment..could you wetfelt a postcard? I wonder...

belle said...

Can't see why not Silvia - I wet felted a hat once, not knitted first. I made up the piece of felt to look like a central Australian landscape, mountains etc, felted it, then cut the pieces I needed keeping the landscape intact, and stitched them together.

I imagine a pc would be much the same, just smaller. Have a go and show us :)

~Silvia~ said...

Not a yet but come and have a look...I went with little Wallhangings instead you can see them here.