Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Links for the Blackwork article

PS to yesturdays exciting news :) I have now read through the article and realised that the info about the chart for the crinolone lady was missed out. Linda Barraclough of Chloe's Place made these charts available at The charts Linda had posted on the internet were actually 'charted from a very old doiley'. Linda has made them available for anyone to use.

While you are looking at the charts have a wander round Linda's other photos and get some inspiration for other projects too :)

Meanwhile, I have been knitting socks :) but I need to make a sister for the one I have already finished before I show you, as I might not get it done otherwise and DD would not be happy with one sock.

I also have to get moving on my row by row project as the second deadline is approaching. I have chosen a pattern from Quilter's Cache . This is a great resource for foundation pieced patterns (but the music drives me nuts!) so check it out if you are looking for a special pattern.

Also just signed up for some swaps on the craft forum: fibre postcard, christmas decoration, a new CQRR ,and still in the art quilt challenge.

And finally, if you are interested in crazy quilting you are invited to join the flicker crazy quilting group. This group grew from Sharon Boggon's class at Joggles (there will be more so check Sharon's blog for details, inaminuteago.) but it is open to everyone interested in CQ - see you there, I hope :)

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