Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dream a Seam templates arrive!

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Look what I got! :) Now if this doesn't get me back to my SharonB block nothing will, LOL. Templates are lovely, can't wait to try them out, but the accompanying literature is scarey! Very detailed and technical and not at all easy reading - however nothing worth having is easyily won or however that saying goes ... not one of my usual mottos *rolls eyes, shrugs shoulders and puts shoulder to unfamiliar wheel* Anyway - more cq to follow.

While I'm here couldn't resist this link to what not to crochet. Made me smile. I have been crocheting (sp?) this weekend to practice my stitches before trying to make some lacey edgings and motifs for the cq stash - just wish I could follow a pattern. Recently bought the
Happy Hooker to brush up on my skills and there are some doable patterns in it - but oh dear, US crochet terms make my head ache, so now I can't follow patterns in two languages ROFLOL guess I'll just have to wing it - wish me luck.

Leeanne asked about the pattern for the hat - it's from 'Simply Noro' which I bought on eBay. I would print out the pattern (it's easy) but that'd be infringing copyright and all that *shrugs*. Anyway Leeanne you could work this out yourself, go on you can do it - can't be any worse than my 3 fingered glove. Cast on the correct ammount of stitches to go round the head size you need (work it out from your tension will depend what yarn you use) and then knit ( a rib for elasticity) straight for about 6.5 " for an adult head - adjust for kids- than decrease evenly across row and pretty rapidly over about 8 - 10 rows, pass thread tail through few remaining stitches and pull up tight then seam up the back. If not then try a google for 'free knitting patterns'+hat and get yourself a coffee, there are loads!


belle said...

Your Happy Hooker book reminds me of the blog I saw the other day...don't ask where or who's.....her first line was 'I used to be a hooker', then went on to say she mostly knits now, but used to crochet. Great attention getter lol

Calidore said...

Ohh I'm green with envy at you receiving your Dream a Seam Templates. I sent my order off yesterday so will have to be patient for a while.
Love the crocheting you are doing. Last time my sister tried to teach me to crochet (many, many years ago) she threw the entire thing across the room and walked out - muttering something very rude about my crocheting I hope yours goes a whole lot better than mine.

Leeanne said...

Oh Jam thanks for that. I've been checking your blog lots. Your son looks really happy with his beanie.