Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I'm Famous VBG

I've had an article published in CQMagOnline.

This is very exciting and I am waiting to see if there is any reaction, and keeping my fingers crossed that if there is, it is positive :) One of the editorial team saw some blackwork I had done in my Flickr photos and emailed to ask if I would write an article. With lots of help from Belle, I did just that, and it goes online today.

DS1 says now that I am famous I have to "get married, get divorced, have a child, do something controversial, die in mysterious circumstances and become the subject of a conspiracy theory." As the child of a famous person he has to "get a drug habit, be outrageous in public, spend the rest of his life living in my reflected glory!"

DS2 says I'm not really famous as it's 'only embroidery' and not many people are interested in that, and DD agrees with him wholeheartedly "It's only old wrikly ladies who are interested in that!" and they both refuse to pay for my autograph or fetch me a cup of tea! Ingrates! Bet they don't know anyone else whose mother is published on the internet. But it's ok, I will cut them out of my millions (hey? What millions - no fee) Sigh! Kids, don't you just love them, wouldn't even let me enjoy my 15 minutes without bringing me back to earth! Bah! But I am determined to be happy and FAMOUS, so there!


belle said...

You did a great job writing that article,Jammie, I'm sure all the feedback will be positive.

And to those kids ..... hey, not true, we're not all old and wrinkly, far from it. And you just have to look online at the number of blogs and articles written about embroidery and craft to see there's millions of people interested. Gotta give your old girl some credit here :)

Jo in NZ said...

I just read your article. Good on you girl! And too be approached and have said article requested...well you might be a bit out of our league now dahrlink.

Feeling a bit famous myself as my bear block is there too.

Maureen said...

Not true belle!
She does have at least ONE old and wrinkly fan!!
Good job dont forget:
You go SKYI ing now(spend your kids inheritance......that really should be "sykiing" shouldn't it?

Calidore said...

Congratuations. This "old wrinkly lady" is going to pop over to CQmag and check out your article. Enjoy your published glory - you deserve it.