Sunday, April 09, 2006

Booga Bag

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Here's a piccie of the Booga Bag drying over a cereal box (Special K, if you're interested!) Blocking should help it keep it's shape. The pattern uses Kureyon but I had Blossom in my stash and it has a high natural fibre content so I thought I'd go for it and it has been successful so far. Besides I'd have to wait until after the stashalong if I wanted to buy new yarn! Wait? Pah!

This will probably be a present for my niece (who has a bag thing going on) but don't tell her as it is my first felted bag so I might change my mind and keep it myself *shock*

Pattern for boogs bags here Boog Bag


Calidore said...

I looked at this bag pattern the other day when I was searching for something Loved it, and love it more now I have seen yours. I will watch yours with interest to see how it goes. I'm tempted, but after the disaster with socks, I'm sticking with scarves for a while.

sharonb said...

Hi Jacqui - I was ondering how big was the bag was pre felting - curious minds want to know