Sunday, April 16, 2006

noro hat

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Bit of a cheat, knitting flat hat and seaming up the back, but here it is :) Could have found a knit in the round DPN kind of pattern if I'd tried but this took just one evening and was easy peasy.

Pattern is from 'Simply Noro' and it is made with left over Blossom from my Booga Bag. Just one skein of the Blossom left to find a use for and then that bit of stash is used.

DS said it's good but he doesn't want pink! So this is my hat now :) I thought he'd want navy or balck but no "White" is what has been ordered! So white it is. Will use smaller needles as this came out a little loose (well, it might tighten up a bit when I wash it but may have to hold onto it in a high wind).

Sadly I look stupid in hats. Yes I do. It's no good telling me otherwise - I know I do - it's the glasses *rolls eyes* but I'm not wearing contacts again just so I can put on a hat *stomps stubburnly (sp?) to the corner and pouts*! However, on a positive note, the colours are lovely - a bit richer than the flash makes them look - and it's really warm. Just the thing for when DH insists on bragging me up a mountain to look at the view. There wont be anyone else to see how I look up there. Well, apart from DH, and he already knows I look stupid in a hat, and, he doesn't care because clothing is entirely utilitarian for him and if it keeps you warm when it's cold then that's the end of that! Sensible man. Until you want him to tell you how lovely your new hat is, of course. "It looks warm."


~Silvia~ said...

Better then what my Husband says about any hat I have made..It (segnificant pause) looks different...doesn't it???

Leeanne said...

I love the hat. I was wondering if you could put up the website link for the hat. I have been looking for a nice two needles hat (I dont have any dpns or circular needles).
Lovely colours too.