Friday, August 18, 2006


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and last but not least . Bertie. hy can't I get going on this? Is it because the yarn is curling so, is it because it is for me so no deadline? Either way, all I have managed to do in recent weeks is to thread with beads and start the second ball and that's about your lot! Shame, the silk is so lovely to touch and I really should get this finished. Maybe it's beacuase I have so many other knitting WIP not to mention the CQ RR and the row by row and my huge pile of quilt UFOs, please don't mention them ;o)


Freabreit said...


Can you tell me where I can find this pattern. I think that it's the pattern I am looking for. It is great.

Greetings Frea ( )

immi said...

hi auntie

don't give up you will do it

see u soon luv immixxx