Sunday, August 27, 2006

Finally some cq!

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At last I have made the time to do some cq on the round robin blocks that were here when I got back off holiday. The blocks are much brighter in real life - these photos were taken under artificial light.


I wonder if there any sewers with small children about who get to sew during daylight? ;o) Anyway, I added a couple of shisha mirrors and a bead trail. The 'mirrors' are in fact recycled CDs LOL.

and, on an unrelated and completely personal point, have you tried these mooncups ? I am a convert :o)

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Badger said...

Those are beautiful! I can't sew for toffee, so am in awe of anyone who can weild a needle and thread!

And mooncups aren't for me, though I fully support the tree hugging hippy revolution!