Sunday, August 27, 2006

Oh dear

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So I thought I could design knitwear eh? Well, maybe not


However, having decided that the rib section was a BAD idea, I have frogged and reknitted and just divided for the front and back a second time. I will not be beaten.

I have adistinct feeling DD wont wear it when it is done so I had better stick to my diet so I can get in it, because after all this knitting *note to self do not do whole jumper in double moss stitch EVER again* someone is beeping well going to wear the beeping thing :o( VBG

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Debra said...


If that ribbing actually fit under the bust, it might make a nice feature (though I'd only do it on the front). but I can understand taking it out completely.

I just completely frogged a knit tank top because doing the armhole/neckline thing just didn't fit. I think I can use the yarn for a knitted tshirt, so not a total loss.