Monday, August 14, 2006

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Here is the latest embroidery in the cq roundrobin. This is the first time I have tried a spider and her web so I am pleased with how it came out.
The feather stitch foliage is worked in 4 shdes of stranded embroidary floss, 2 threads and the web is in rajmahal thread so it glints in the light, lovely threads but boy I am nervous of unravelling them. I need to get a new set of storage boxes and bobbins and spend an evening unravelling and winding them onto the bobbins. Maybe a winter's evening when I have nothing else to do? Yeah, right!

Meanwhile on the knitting front I am progressing with M's top. I have knitted a swatch in my chosen pattern to work out gague and used those figures to work out how many stitches to cast on for M's size. Maths bit done I am now knitting, *play interval music* I'll get back to you with progress once I have made some :o) I have already modified the bottom and I am knitting in the round so it is taking forever to do a row. It will get quicker once I divide for the front & back, I hope :o)

Also did a little of little one's ss cardi in the variegated sock wool last night.

Niece (16), who has been staying for a couple of weeks, is clicking away on a stocking stitch scarf which she is taking home with her. Click clack :o)

Feeling like embroidering again which is good as the next two legs of the CQRR are here so I need to post off the spider and get to the next one asap. Off to choose some threads.

Very nice lady from Jane's Attic. telephoned a few night ago. She had had a parcel returned by the post office as it was damaged and she was going through all hher orders for rajmahal silks to find out who they belonged to as there was no name or address on the damaged packaging. I received a part order for the complete set about 6 or 7 weeks ago and have been meaning to telephone and see what happened to the rest of the order ever since. Since getting the knittingbug again I have to confess my focus has been elsehwere and with the building work going on in the house I have been at 6s and 7s anyway, but ...Luckily she is more organised than me and it has bothered her that she didn't know whose silks they were and no one had rung (oops!) to ask where their order was. I was the third person she had rung that evening as she tried to find the missing owner. It's a good job there are honest and trust worthy people in this world and I have found many of them in conection to sewing and knitting, Here's another one, Thank you :o) The rest of my order arrived withing a couple of days of the call and I am back to my stitching. Yummy threads :o)

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