Saturday, August 05, 2006

DB Lace & Bobble finished - yipee!

ETA thank you for the nice suportive comments :o) Does anyone know why my side bar stuff isn't at the top of the page?

Originally uploaded by Jam_mam.

Here it is modeled by my DD - slimmer than me :o) and the back
Lovely, needs blocking, but I couldn't wait :o)

And on me ... well I need to loose weight *sigh!* but here it is

very annoyingly I think you can see on the back where I sewed in a couple of ends.

Secondly the pattern for the front corners completely escaped me so I improvised -guess this makes this an original and there wont be any others like it - i.e. wrong! VBG never mind my adaptation worked, the corner was turned.

So what next?

Row to finish for the row by row swap, cq blocks to work on and pass on in the RR. Then - clapotis OR lace, dither, dither.


Badger said...

I can't see any weaved in ends (and I looked really hard!), so you must have worked them in just fine!

It looks lovely, really great on you!

~Silvia~ said...

That is stunning work. It looks real nice and I also cannot see any woven ends

Mick said...

It looks great. I wish I had the skill to finish mine. It just ended up frogged. Well done.

Leeanne said...

I really like your cardigan. Well Done.

nanatoo said...

It's lovely. I think the list has gone down the page cos one of the photos sticks out too far to the right, that's what happened to mine once. If you find the photo and shrink it it should go back up to the top again.

nanatoo said...

Found it! It's the blackberries :) (I'm knitnurse on AY by the way) *waves*