Sunday, March 25, 2007

It's not quite dry yet but ...

here's a couple of photos to look at whilst we wait.

This is pre blocking - measured 43" at neck edge and 25" from neck to point. See how wavey the old shale pattern makes the top edge? Thank goodness for the blocking wires - this is how it pinned out.

Here it measures 70" x 36". It is 'strongly' blocked at this point so I expect it will contract a little once I take the pins out.

And the size? Well, it's not quite as big as I would have liked *shocked* but I do think it will be big enough to wear.

I will do this one again with another repeat for a larger shawl but if I was using the same yarn I don't think I would do the 3 1/2 repeats of the pattern, maybe finish the 3rd one instead of doing 2 1/2 as here. The pattern is a nice classic lace pattern, it's easy to see what you should be doing as you knit. The only slightly tricky bit is knowing how to add the increases in repeats as you progress but it's a well written pattern with nice clear charts and anyone who knows how to do yo and ssk shouldn't have a problem with it. The 3 rows of ss make it grow quickly and although they were a bit boring at first I quickly got used to them and they made this a less taxing knit.

I like the yarn and think the colours will be practical to wear but I still don't love it, ho hum! I am a little confused still as to the guage of the yarn, I am guessing somewhere between a 4 ply and DK but closer to DK I think, I could do a swatch to check the ss guage as I have lots left lol which is nice.

And now I have that unsatisfactory 'nothing to knit' feeling. I do have his Gansey to finish (scratchy yarn) a second sock to do (heel to turn) and the extremely fine Pi shawl to knit up - patterns all picked out (but oh such very fine yarn). But I don't want to do any of these yet (if ever).

Last night I was thinking Angels and Applique, plus there's the 'forever families' to finish, and the 'my family' quilt for K to get going on. A little something secret yet to be really begun although it's all drawn out ready to stitch. So maybe some sewing?

The yarn is calling me though 'knit me!' it sings sweetly in my ear when I pass by. I do need another cardi, I really do, and K's cardi only needs sewing up and button bands so it should be finished before she grows out of it! But I don't like 'should', I don't usually do 'should'. Hang it! I know I wont do 'should' :o) You only have to look at my house re housework to see how I feel about 'should'. VBG

OK enough prattling, off to see if the SW is dry so I can go out and take a pretty photo of it, maybe on the beach? :o) The sun is shining today, wrap up warm fro a stroll by the seaside, even the SW wouldn't keep me warm on the beach in March, but it would do for a pretty picture. Btw the fact that it's still wet this morning reinforces my DK feelings :o) about it. Enough.


gilraen said...

It's breathtaking!!!! :)

sebskins said...

I'm stunning