Friday, March 30, 2007

sewing update and more shopping *blushes*

Okay I said there would be photos ... and here they are :o) not of the sewing itself - that would be giving away the surprise Hehehehe but of the source materials, a starting place at least.

There are lots of Angels, ooooh, aaaaaah, country angels and if you are really good I will show you fabrics too *shock* but not today. And in another project - cats :o)

As I am not knitting *nose grows to enormous pinoccio length* honestly I am not, what me? Fingers crossed behind my back? You can see that from there! Ah hem! As I am not knitting (ish) I have been shopping instead :o)

A lot more Posh Yarn

and multiple skeins of each. I think when there's a yarn sale on I need to take the plug off the pc . Maybe it's the word 'sale'? Maybe I need to start charging Dee storage fees? :o)

Sorry the photo is a bit grey - just like our weather today :o(

In another new (knitting related) development I am reading this which is making me laugh and making my kids roll their eyes in despair. The recognition factor is huge.

My DS2 says "how come you never knit anything apart from shawls these days?"

Hmmm, no seams, lace yarn/lace patterns/no deadlines cos you lot keep growing, think I need any more reasons? The best reason of all? Because I can!

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