Friday, March 09, 2007

Shoalwater Shawl Begun

Had to do it, had to cast on and somehow 43 rows just flew on to the needles *shocked gasp!* Might have something to do with the time I went to bed this morning (Yawn!) Ah well, makes me happy, clickety clack.

Posh Yarn, Emily, Frost Flowers (4 plyish but quite thick), needles Knitpicks Options size 5.5mm.

What do you think of it so far? Hmmmm, not sure myself, not enough holes yet to really see a patern, but a garter stitch shawl is quite quick (well, with this few stitches otn it is, just wait until we've got a couple of hundred per row, that'll sort the women from the girls from the ones who can't be bothered VBG). Not sure about the colours either, not enough of the dark blues I don't think, i'm hoping it'll 'grow on me'. I am not a very visual person and find it hard to substitute my yarn for the one in the photo, this has the advantage of making a pleasant surprise (hopefully) at the end, but the disadvantage of not knowing if i like what I am using as much as the author's choice, iykwim.

BTW Eunny is back Eunny Knits now that's what I want to be able to knit when I grow up/sell the children/win the lottery and don't have to work. :o)

Clickety clack, clickety clack, clickety clack. (Actually the KP's are fairly silent (to my ears) but I think the nises anyway :o) Housework? What was that again. Did I tell you the story about my DD and the iron?

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